"Horror From Veche" (fun to watch!)

"Horror From Veche" (fun to watch!) - Hallo Guys The Song From Dakota, At this time sharing the song entitled "Horror From Veche" (fun to watch!), have provided the lyrics are beautiful and wonderful for all of you who can make the atmosphere becomes more cheerful.

Singer : "Horror From Veche" (fun to watch!)
Tittle : "Horror From Veche" (fun to watch!)
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"Horror From Veche" (fun to watch!)

Growing old is mandatory - growing up is optional.
Chili Davis

This post is dedicated to a friend in the Always on Sunday group, who was in an auto accident on the way to this week's dance.  Although her car was damaged, she's OK and will be dancing with us again soon.

Hora Veche, from Romania, is one of her favorite dances and one that she leads  She is also 85 years old. The oldest person in the group is 92, so if you dance you will live a long time. 

By the way the translation for Hora Veche is "old dance."

What I love about this video is how the dancers have fun and don't take themselves too seriously.  They have a wonderful sense of humor. Listen to the chatter, it's quite funny. When the dance is over, the woman at the end of the line shouts: "We did it!"

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The Alien Diaries will be taking a short break.  Look for a new post in early October.

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